Welcome to the grand opening of my blog! I will be posting the happenings on Club Penguin and how to find items such as pins or secret items. If you want to know something about Club Penguin, you can always count on me!


8 Responses

  1. well look where is now! awesome bodge

  2. wow unbelivable… and today you celebrate 100,000 hits…

  3. Wow,Bodge (i know i am a bigginer at blogging and posting) you have like 233,005 hits! i dont even know how much i have (i think its less than 10 ) well, have a good day!
    Ta-ta for now

  4. Wow… I find it hard to imagine. When this post was made, Bodge had no hits!!!
    And no comments!

    Short post!!


  5. […] was the day I started this blog. Click here to see my first ever post, just as I was coming to terms with how to use WordPress. Back then, I […]

  6. wow bodge you’ve improved heaps lol! keep going strong… hopefully we can c sumthing like this next year saying uve been going 4 2 years! luv ya 4eva!

    -Ur #1 fan

  7. Wow. This was a LOOOOOONG time ago
    not really. just a year

  8. hard to believe

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