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Got a question about Club Penguin? Want an answer? Well come on down to my Question & Answer page on my blog! Just look on the sidebar, find my Question & Answer page, click on it and drop a comment saying what your question is. It’s that easy!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. hi i started last year and was wondering if there was a cheat on how 2 get free items and pins that ive missed from the years i really want the rubber ring and the rose pin but i missed it.
    p.s if u can answer this question then ur the best

    Bodge101: I’m afraid that that is not possible- while it is likely that the rubber ring will return eventually, sadly the pin won’t return. If it was possible, I would certainly tell you and would myself have all the pins and clothes that have ever existed! Muh hu ha ha hah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But sadly, this cheat does not exist.

  2. plz answer my question cuse its really important.

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