Mission Guide: Case of the Missing Coins

Having trouble with the third mission? Well have no fear! Bodge101 is here! Just follow my step by step guide and you’ll be an expert agent in no time!

When you start the mission, click on the green penguin next to the open vault. Ask him about unusual or strange things then ask whether the door was tampered with. Tell him to open it up again, and when he can’t, ask him about where to find the combination.

Go into the office and go round it until you find the sofa. Click underneath the sofa to reach this screen:


Then, pick up the boot disc and the paperclip and return to the office.

Next, go to the computer and click on it. Then, when it is zoomed in, click on the dic drive with the boot disc and press the on button. Once it has loaded, click on the My Files folder on the screen. You can play ice bricks, read what was in the clothing catalogue in March 2007 and find out the combination number. It is always different, so if you’ve found this information before, it will now be different. Write down or memorise the number and exit the office.

When you get back into the shop, tell the agent you found the combination, then click on this:


Next, type in your combination number and press confirm.

Go inside the vault, then click on the coins on the roof. Talk to the other agent then answer your spy phone when it rings by clicking on it. Go to the HQ and talk to G. When G says about seeing the footage, say yes then click on the screen. Once you’ve seen the footage, return to HQ.

Talk to G about the new perspective, then ask him if there is anything else you need to know. He will open a drawer of keys for different places in Club Penguin. Click on the drawer and find the key that says Rooftop on it using the code. An easy way of doing this is looking for the one which starts with an R. Put the key in your inventory, then go back to the Gift Shop.

Go into the office, then to the door marked ‘To Roof’, take out the key and click on the door with it. When the key has turned, you are able to go through the door.

When you get on the roof, pick up the white fur on the grill next to the Powa Box and put it into your inventory, then take out your wrench and click on the Powa Box cover with it. Once the box is open, click on it to look inside. Take out the paperclip you collected earlier on and click inside the box with it. The electro-magnet will shut down. Then go back into the main Gift Shop.

Once you get there, click to go inside the vault and click on the money. Talk to the penguin, then go to HQ and talk to G. Give G the white fur then say yes to the offer of another mission. Before you leave, look around the HQ for the torch (flashlight) below the map of Club Penguin. Then go to the Boiler Room via the Dance Club. On the way, you’ll see an upset brown penguin. Talk to him and say you’ll help. Then progress into the Dance Club.

It will be dark in the Dance Club, if you are a member and have the Night-Vision Goggles, take them out to look around. If not, take the torch out and switch it on. Center the beam (if using the torch) on the speaker which hides the secret entrance to the Boiler Room. Then click to go down to the Boiler Room.

Look round the room for the fuse box on the wall then click on it. Make all the lights turn green to fix the power. This is quite tricky because every time you turn one light green, the ones around it turn red. This requires time and thought. If you still don’t understand, see the instructions on the door of the fuse box. When you are finished, go back to G at HQ and talk to him, then you will recieve your medal and a thankyou card from Dancing Penguin.

I hope this guide was both informative and easy to follow. If you’re having trouble with the other missions, see my Secret Agent Missions catagory on my blog.
Until next time…
Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. Cool guide! I tried it out and everything seems to be a ok! good job bodge 101! Kep up the great work and EXPAND your website.

  2. what torch there is no torch mentioned above or where to find it!

  3. you go to g and ask for the torch

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