New Show At Stage

The new show at the stage is Squidzoid Vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal. As most of you probably know, it is about superheroes. There are many features of it, including special effects and cool new costumes! Here are some key features:

Explosion Special Effects: there are three sets of explosives rigged on the stage. In the middle and on both sides. You can activate them using the red buttons on the switchomatic 3000.


Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy blasts: flip the pink or blue switches between the red ones and the lever to make power blasts appear to match what happens when you wave.


Super Puffle and Nightime background: pull the lever to make the super puffle stuff come up (the lights with a puffle and SP on them) along with the yellow puffle in a cape jumping onto a building. Flip the switch furthest from the lever to make the daytime background turn to night and the one next to it to make a car ride up to the monster with a car horn noise.


In case you didn’t understand which buttons to press, look at the diagram below and look for the numbered information below it:


1. This lever activates the super puffle stuff.

2.This switch activates Gamma Gal’s ray beam.

3. This switch activates Shadow Guy’s ray beam.

4,5 & 6. These activate the explosives at different points on the stage.

7. This switch activates the car.

8. This switch activates the change in background, ie. day or night.

Thankyou for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer. Enjoy the new production!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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  1. hey penguin. How’s it going? nice game you got here. The music kinda scared me cause it just BOOM popped on. It makes me think about those old looney tunes commercials where they would add words to these things haha. I will certainly waddle on. Hey i just posted a new blog check me out

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