Truth or Myth- Club Penguin Ninjas

Ever wondered whether Club Penguin Ninjas really exist? Well soon you’ll find out! Welcome to my new weekly column which identifies the truth behind the rumours in Club Penguin. Our first story: the Club Penguin ninjas. Many penguins say flatly that the ninjas do not exist. But is that true? Here’s the truth:

Apparently, in Penguin Chat Three, ninjas really did exist. I think they were what are now called moderators. It is a possibility that soon it will be possible to become a ninja as easily as becoming a secret agent or a tour guide, if the moderators choose that this should happen. There is also talk of cheats that make ninjas appear, although most (if not all) have not been proven. Ninjas do not exist currently, but then a lot of other myths have been made into reality when they were thought not to exist (eg. yellow puffle). Therefore, there is a chance, as I said earlier in this article, that the moderators are planning to bring ninjas into Club Penguin at some point. Hopefully this will happen soon. But currently, no, ninjas do not exist. So that’s a big N-O for now!

Tune in next Wednesday when we will unmask the truth behind the iceberg.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



47 Responses

  1. There is no ninjas YET, there was supposed to be aninjas on CHRISTMAS ON THE YEAR 2005!!!!!!!! }:[o

  2. if u no a ninja account, email me at *edited out*

  3. Ninjas Do exist

  4. aww man its the big N O

  5. if you go to the lodge attic u will see a ninjas shadow on top of the frame

  6. u can also see a ninja shadow on the net in the lighthouse

  7. ninjas exist and you can be one very soon.

  8. ninja are just fakes and there nether comin

  9. If you become a ninja penguin email me all the stuff that you did so we can always do cool stuff together and be friends!PLEASE i will not banned it my email is *edited out* the website is hotmail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello, Ninjas were real in Penguin Chat 3 and was an option to be one on that site I was on there I was a Ninja on there Ninjas are planned for Clubpenguin in the FUTURE it is not up right now because the are waiting for a good time such as…… a party or any ther thing going on with the dojo it will be realeased during somthing like that or if CP can not think of any other thing to do so they release it just like what they did with the yellow puffle I know this because i live in kelowna like 28-35 minutes away from CP interactive. Have a good day!

  11. i need a help

  12. there testing ninjas 4 june

  13. this was what i saw in the night club its right here

    vist that site

  14. i think they are true because ive seen them nomatter how much people dont ive seen them in some places and if some people dont if you do you should still belive that they are there.It doesent matter if you still belive its whats inside you hart

    dont get let down

  15. Alright most of you have addresed that ninjas arent real or some of you bealive they are well I’ll just flat out tell you.They arent real YET. We are planning to send out testers in late june and they will be realised In the July month. At the moment, the only way to be a ninja is to train under the ninja master Pen Chi. The way to find him is pure dumb luck or being a moderator, because you have to find the secret passage way in the Dojo. I can tell you no more for I already risk getting fired by Gizmo for telling you this much. I love the ninja hideout, its very easyly the best room in Club Penguin.
    Good luck finding the passage way. If you par chance do then Ill be there.

    Untill then … waddle on!


  16. There was also a Rumor about November 2007, “Ninja’s in November” But that never happened…

    There’s clues all over club penguin of Ninjas, eg.

    The Gift Shop: Ninja Belt, Located on the coat rack by the wigs on the wall

    In the Mine: Penguin Head, Located on the wall by the lantern

    In The Lighthouse: Ninja/Penguin Shadow, Located on the net by the anchor

    The Dojo: Ninja Shadows, Located at the top left corner and bottom left corner and bottom right corner

    In The Ski Lodge: Ninja Shadow, Located on the mirror above the fireplace

    That’s all I know!! Hope it helps prove Ninjas will return!!

  17. ok let me just straghtin this out ninjas will be released in july billybob has sent testers to test ninjas in penguin chat 3 you could be a ninja but i closed it because brandon B was gonna make CP so i helped out and of course billybob screenhog happy77 and gizmo were helping as you know well until then waddle on!

  18. ninjas exist. look above the fishing nets in the lighthouse. there’s a almost invisible ninja you can see. check out my site for more CP cheats. 8) ~Hng027

  19. there are ninjas in club penguin i saw some people putting there mask on im telling the onest truth

  20. ninja relly exsist

  21. I just e-mailed the club penguin staff asking them if there really are ninjas. I’ll copy and paste the e-mail on here in a day or 2 when they reply.

  22. There’s ninjas in the light house on top of the paper there’s a shado of a ninja and the loege on the mirrer check it out

  23. um can u visit my web page? its me and my cousin joc run it. Im kate. we have a webshow and we have stuff about whree ninjas are located, how to become one, all that ****. yeh, thanks

    Bodge101: cool- but watch the language- this is a kid friendly site!

  24. Dr Map1 is a ninja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. Hello I think that club penguin has way to many games. what do you think???

  27. is any people on line???

  28. ninjas exist look ontop of the pet shop ninja tracks

  29. DUDE!!! THEY R BACK!!! i saw a guy with a flashing puffle today, with a teleporting guy behind him!! last night i even saw a teleporting penguin in the dojo!!! dude i gotta tell u they R REAL AND BACK!!!!!

  30. De Liner (i think thats his name) is a ninja! rlly he was teleporting on the walls in the dojo, night club, and ON the night club! and he wasent on any of the room list either! I TELL U THERE BACK!!

  31. This is BillyBob here and i wanted to say… I CANT WAIT FOR NINJAS! there comin out soon and i wanted to say they will be so cool well u know new and more hints and stuff but any way

    untill then … waddle on!

    by BillyBob on 09/07/08

  32. Dude, you’re not Billybob. I know it. So stop telling everyone you’re Billybob. And yes, I believe in ninjas. They are real.

  33. im just asking how to be a moderator,but you gave me a ninja?what are you doing???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  34. there are ninjas look in the lighthouse beside the net closley

  35. 8) :0 😮 :O

  36. There is a real ninja and its not RH or G its ??? so that proves it just go to the top of the dojo 11/04/08

  37. is there ninjas?

  38. THERE ARE REAL NINJAS!!!!!!!! There are just hiding, so nobody could find them! There is one in the lighhouse, ski lodge, dojo, and the gift shop!

  39. There are ninjas “CutiePie.”

  40. There is going to be ninja training on
    November 17.

  41. Ninjas are REAL on club penguin! I have seen four of them! I saw one twice on the roof of the pet shop! and one twice in the dojo windows! to be able to see a ninja you have to be patient because the ninjas are NEW! they just started because of the lighning that struck the dojo after the storm! and now we are digging out the dojo! and the mysterious man digging is probably a ninja instructor and the training starting on November 17 is probably to become a ninja. Dojo’s are used to do karate! and! NINJAS are real now! yay!

  42. But Billybob is telling the truth I have seen ninjas one flipped off of the pet shop roof! it looked like a black shadowing penguin figure!! and it flipped through the air at the dojo I saw it out of two different windows! if you wait for awile in a room randomly, ninjas come! I am not kidding I am seriously telling the truth!!

  43. the penguins you see on wall are NOT ningas!
    they are only just penguins who know glitches or cheats.

  44. Oh come on! Everyone knows that ninjas exist. I mean the shadows that come up, not to mention the ninja sensei. If you still don’t believe ur insain.

  45. Hello Im Sensi Im the master of the ninjas are being released November 17,2008.You will be able to get many different colors of belts until you beat Card Jitsu you will be able to unlock these different color belts on a scroll.In this game you will get your cards from me if you win against other Club Penguin players you can get these belts waddle on!Sensi 9/30/08 4:56 pm

  46. dude they do exist!!!

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