New Paper

A new issue of the Penguin Times was released today. It is issue #118, here is a picture of the front page:


The top stories are:  Migrator Crashes, about Rockhopper’s shipwreck! Read more about this crash in my post ‘Shipwrecked’ and Winter Fiesta-val, an advert for tomorrow’s party:


 The featured game is Ice Hockey and the Aunt Arctic questions are: Gift Shop Swap, about the smaller catalog in the Gift Shop and whether or not they are running out of items and Report Support, asking if you can get in trouble for reporting someone. Also on the Aunt Arctic page is a secret coded message:


For the decoded version, visit my ‘Secret Message’ post. Anyway, on with the paper! The tips and secrets page says about special dances. Also, there are the usual jokes, riddles and poems and the events page:


As well as the new comic (click to enlarge):


That’s all from me for now!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



2 Responses

  1. Merci de nous faire partager votre périple à travers l’Australie. Nous vous suivons presque chaque jour;
    Gros bisous à vous deux.

  2. merci, parley vu anglais? je parley francais et je suis ca va.

    that might not be perfect french, and for all i know the person who commented could be saying something completely different to what i think!

    this is what i replied- except in english : thankyou, do you speak english? i speak french and i am ok.

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