The Destroyed Glitch

If you have recently tried using the ‘edit other people’s igloo’ cheat/glitch, then you will have noticed that it no longer works! This is yet another problem with the new edit system. Whilst it does make stuff easier to find in storage, it restricts the fun of those poor non-members, who are unable to edit their own igloo but always had the pleasure of being able to use the ‘edit other people’s igloo’ cheat/glitch. If you want to learn more about this glitch, see my blog’s ‘Club Penguin Glitches’ page, but it no longer works and soon I will probably be removing it from the page.
Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. i got your message. ill add you to my blogroll.
    as always dont forget to add me!

  2. You’ve been invited to the fun and festivities of Nice Reddy’s 300th day party on club penguin

    Day: Friday Jan.25

    Time: 5:00

    Server: Matterhorn

    Place: My igloo on map


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