Party Pics Slideshow

 Thanks to anyone reading this who came to my 2000 hits party! We had a blast! We tried to tip the iceberg (it wouldn’t budge though), we danced on my dance floor and we ate cake- a lot! Here are the pictures of the party in the form of a slide show:

Cool eh? If you didn’t come, make sure you come to my next party, the 3000 hits party, next week. More information will follow very soon.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



7 Responses

  1. hey nice party we were there so can we use this slide on our blog??

  2. sure u can! just remember to say that I made it and that it was my party! anyone else reading this, you have no permission to use it, if u want to, just ask me.

  3. ok ill try to but its not as easy as it sounds im trying to right now
    Red Out

  4. ill post the HTML code in a comment on ure site- just remember to give me credit for it!

  5. ok thanks alot oh and its me reddy i made a new user 😀

  6. ill delete the comment when you make it so no one else can use it
    red out

  7. ok ill post it now- check ure site

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