Truth or Myth- Albino Penguins

Welcome to my weekly post which unfolds the truth of the Club Penguin Legends- this week- the Albino Penguin. The colour white (albino) is unavailable from the clothing catalogue, but it is a popular Club Penguin legend that Albino Penguins roam the island. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but these rumours are true! There is such thing as a white penguin! I have seen one with my own two eyes! But don’t think it is a good thing to see an Albino Penguin, because it is a colour only hackers (or maybe moderators) can get. I’m not going to advise you to hack and get the white colour, in fact I urge you not to! And even if I was going to advise you to do it, I don’t know the program for it! So if you do see an Albino Penguin, yes, gaze in awe, but feel sure that the mods will catch up with them sooner or later!

Tune in next Wednesday for more TRUTH OR MYTH or look in my Truth or Myth category for older editions of this weekly post.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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