Migrator Sunk & Rockhopper Departs

Rockhopper’s gone again, but I think the loss of the Migrator was a big blow to his head- HE’S BRAVING THE OCEAN IN JUST A ROWING BOAT! The Migrator is fully sunk now, and is firmly below the surface of the water. But you can see a shadow on the water where it is. If you look out of the telescope at the Beacon, you will see Rockhopper rowing away and bubbling dark water where the Migrator used to be. Here’s a picture:


Also, at the beach, a project called the ‘Save The Migrator Project’ has been made. There are maps of where the Migrator sank and loads of other stuff that suggests we’re going to be retrieving the parts of the Migrator from beneath the sea. Here’s a picture:


That’s all for now!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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