Stage Sneak Peek

A new production at the stage is coming next Friday! It looks really good! Here’s a sneak peek:


That looks like a judges panel- talent show maybe? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



5 Responses

  1. It is gona be like High School Musical?

  2. Wow this is from a long time ago!!!!! Right now it’s May 22 and it’s a week until my b-day!!!!!!! My b-day is May 29th. I’m so excited! Anyway, wow Fever I luv u! U r the best! I always go on your website if i need help finding stuff or just to see when ur going 2 b on! Can’t wait 2 c u again!

    Love Lilpiggy8

    P.S. If i c u can i plz b ur buddy?
    Remember keep the name Lilpiggy8 in ur mind! Toodles!

  3. Sry! This is Lilpiggy8 again! I said that u were Fever but ur not! But i also luv bodge101! U r so kewl!

    Love (again)
    Can i plz b ur buddy? plz? Remember keep lilpiggy8 in mind!

  4. I luv Bodge101! Whoooooo! Plz post this! Love lipiggy8

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