Decorating Tips #8

Need help decorating your igloo? Well help has arrived! Read on for top-notch igloo decorating tips to make your igloo the talk of the town!

Tip 1
Use lighting, if you shine it on other furniture items, it’ll draw attention to that item. Only use it sparingly- too much lighting looks terrible!

Tip 2
Often a simple look in your igloo is very attractive- don’t go overboard with decorating and shove all your items in!

Tip 3
Use small stools like the log stump or the snow clump as tables to put small items on such as the cash register or the cake.

That’s all for now! For more fabulous decorating tips, visit my ‘Decorating Tips’ category and tune in next Monday for new ones!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


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  1. Hey. Nice site 😀
    Im Gjmc784, and Ive come from a line of blogs/sites. I just had to make a new one just over a month ago, but its not doing good.
    If you have Aim, or Msn, or meebo, I got all three.
    Ill be adding you to my blogroll. Hope to see ya on CP sometime!

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