Party Pics Slideshow

My 4000 Hits Party took place yesterday, and as usual I took lots of pictures! This time I took even more than last time! Here is a slideshow of all my pictures, in chronological order:

It was such an AWESOME party! LOADS of people came! My next party is my 5000 Hits Party, because as many of you probably noticed, I’ve now passed the 5000 hits mark on my blog. YEY! If you liked the look of my 4000 Hits Party, but weren’t able to come, come to my 5000 Hits Party next weekend! More details to follow later this week!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



One Response

  1. srry i could’nt make it i was WAY busy i’ll try to go to ur 500 hits party though
    p.s. ever heard of heatblast227 hes really famous he has some vids on youtube! there called club penguin tv! oh and its on my blog too (only the 2 im in 😀 )
    RED OUT!

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