Truth Or Myth- Club Penguin Ninjas 2

Want to know the truth about this popular Club Penguin legend? I posted about this before- but I scarcely scratched the surface of the truth within the myth! I will attempt to further enlighten you now- but don’t expect this to be the last I post about the ninjas!


As you probably already know, the Club Penguin ninjas are a secret club that supposedly exist in Club Penguin. They wear clothes that are impossible to get for us normal penguins- but I’ll tell you the truth- this colour is only available to moderators and REALLY good hackers (not advised- hacking can get you banned). However, apparently- according to some reliable sources of mine- Billybob posted something on the ‘What’s New’ page ages ago about the ninjas existing soon. But instead of ninjas, they decided to make Secret Agents instead. This was hugely popular- so they kept the Secret Agents and made the ninjas a mystery instead of a club anyone could join. Many think this was a good decision- otherwise we might not have had secret agents- imagine it- no missions! And so, the team of mods deleted Billybob’s post about it and left it for people to piece together themselves. I’m afraid there’s no time for more information right now- this post is huge! Look out for the next time my weekly Truth Or Myth post is about ninjas for an extension on the story! Tune in next week for  a new story!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



19 Responses

  1. HEY thay dont exist yet i e-maled cp thay sed thay dont exist YET

  2. I love the missions! But if there was Ninjas…


  3. hey yo ninjas are coming early june or late june or late july or early july 2008

  4. im a ninja

  5. Well, club penguin is being updated, so ninjas might be added!

  6. Some black penguins that do ninja stuff like flashing around the room or cloning and even being invisable are just the work of a hacker

  7. i want to no how ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just whent on club penguin and my penguin isent thre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but only a black penguin i ant joking! i emald club penguin surpot and thay sed sorry but we dont no how this hapend sorry. so i whent to the dojo and i climed up wals but sudenley my penguin was nomal but my penguin was stuck at the top of the dojo and evrey one came i felt em barest.

  8. the agent missions are good but we would have ninjia missions as well they would be better like the matrix

  9. ok i heard from Billybob that ninjas are being tested in late june and will be added in july so just hang on there dudes and dudetts we just have to wait a little longer! p.s this is no lie

  10. alright let me put this flat out CP is being updated so we are testing ninjas in late june and they are being added in the july month the polished black i had was because i was a Ninja but the only way right now to be a ninja is to train under ninja master pen chi there is a secet passage way in the dojo but i can not tell you where it is because i am risking to be fired bye gizmo bye telling you this much hope you find the passage!!! waddle on!

  11. ninjas! im crazy for them!! guess wat i heard ok its a story. there was a server named flim flam, it was lika any other server until a evil penguin took control of it and almost destroyed it except the dojo was the only bright room in that server. u cant go there anymore. they train ninjas there to help them take back the server! and some other stuff i forgot. i got this story from a site wer they said they became a ninaj!

  12. wye not send a vote to bilybob about ninjas?

  13. hey can you add me i make videos be my buddy

  14. no school for a week!

  15. if somone is reading this hi!

  16. i know how to get the ninja stuff.

  17. i tryed everything and it does no work

  18. if u go to dojo and wait for lightning to flash u will see a ninja and the ninja appears in random places (only in dojo)
    P.S. it might be like november 10 or something when ur reading this so the storm might be over by now

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