Game Not Released Yet

The new game that was meant to be coming out at the iceberg today hasn’t come out! This is probably because they hit some bugs or something like that. Here is a picture of a ‘riot’ the failure to release it at 12:00am PST (Penguin Standard Time) caused (click to enlarge):


Lol! Not quite a riot, but there were quite a lot of annoyed penguins there!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



One Response

  1. hi bodge you might already know this but we hit 1000 hits today and you’re invited to the party me, aqua and cali are trying to figure it out all we know is its definitely going to be this weekend i’m going for early so you can come but you might not i’m sorry for any inconveniounce that this might cause
    p.s. do i sound like an official person
    p.s.s. oh and plz tell us what day you’re going to have your party because we maybe should have a double party a party for you and us or seperately on different days whatever floats your boat (figure of spech! 😆 )
    RED OUT (wow this is probably th longest comment i’ve ever written
    -Club Penguin Trio

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