Aqua Grabber: Full Report

I realised today that I hadn’t fully reported on the new game, Aqua Grabber. I only did a brief post about it! Anyway, here’s my full report about it!

Aqua Grabber came out at the Iceberg last Tuesday. You click on the sub to play it. Here is a picture of it at the Iceberg:


The aim of the game is to pick up the pieces of Rockhopper’s ship one by one out of the sea and deposit them into the net near the surface. You navigate the submarine using the arrow keys and press space to pick the pieces up. The sub runs on air, and if you run out of air you get evacuated up to the top in a sort of escape pod. You can get more air by collecting the bubbles that come up occasionally from certain places or by surfacing at the top or at one of the two surface points in other parts of the game. You will slowly take on water throughout the game- this is your air running out. If you bump into something you’ll lose air. The less air you have the slower you will move. When the sub is full of water you can last about twenty seconds before you get evacuated. When you win, writing will come across the screen saying ‘All Ship Parts Collected’. When this comes up DON’T press the ‘x’. A short video will come up after you wait a while, then this screen will come up:


It might take a while for everything to appear when you win. Just be patient! When this screen comes up, click ‘get pin’ and then when it’s been added to your inventory press ‘finish game’.

To play the game without logging into Club Penguin, click here.

To listen to the music, click here.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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