Ninja Tests

You may have seen or heard about these so called ‘Ninja Test Penguins.’ I had my first encounter with them yesterday. At first I thought they were fakes- after all- they were just black colour- not ninja clothes. But then I saw how many of them there were! At least five of them in the same place all with names like ‘Ninja Test 98’ can’t be a coincidence. I’m not sure what ninja testers do other than sit in groups and spark mystery into our lives, but they are definately real and organised by mods. Here is a picture of the ones I encountered. It was only a small group:



The one above was their leader. How mysterious!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



22 Responses

  1. lol! Both pictures are penguins that are on my buddies list!

  2. i bet the mods might have been around *you should have lookeed!) that is mysterious but anyway i think it might just be a group of people trying to look famous and if they were mods Billybob Rsnail Gizmo or one of those guys would be there anyway idk

  3. i checked- and so did aussie! No Billybob! Although one of them claimed to be him. hmmmmmmmm! I might email cp about it! lol aussie one of them is on my budy list too! The other one isnt cos I said he wasnt Billybob lol!

  4. hmm i think i’ll start a list of mods on CPTRIO! I knoiw plenty of em
    p.s. did you see anyone named sppedybones hes a mod!
    p.s.s. i bet you didn’t know that 😀

  5. i made the page! theres plenty of mods (that i found!) seeya round!

  6. lol dude first of all these guys are hackers. they use a multi account login made by the infamous mike92. u just make bots. some of them levitate by a propellar hat that u cant see or they arent wearing they are hacking with a program called wpe pro. Trust me

  7. how do u know? also reddy it looks gud but cud u change the music?

  8. hmm to what??? and i know because theres a pic of speedy bones in the Official CP blog and theres a blue ring around him so he’s a mod!

  9. Im certain they were fakes, but ill launch an investgation anyway. im bored you see. LoL

    P.S. which server where they on?

  10. Ah Senor Bodge, I like your choice of Music. I’m asking right now to be on your blog roll. Ill put u on mine if u do on yours.

  11. hi i wana be a ninga 😦

  12. u have some Reallllly old pages bodge like i cant get in my igloo page you should delete those …

  13. who ninja test
    why is ninja test a ninja
    wanted ninja test

  14. Lol u must be my fan , my penguin names are : Ninjas test : and : Ninja tests .

    U could contact me on my AIM , cpak596

  15. Funny u mention that guy cuz he’s my OTHER penguin

  16. LOL I was jk srry

  17. i want to become a ninja

  18. hi,
    i bet you’ll never guess what i am?

    try and try you;ll problly geuss

  19. hahahaha i am a witch

  20. but i really wanna become a ninga WAH WAH WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. lol i was jk srry

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