New Test Servers

The countdown at the CPIP (Club Penguin Improvement Project) has been replaced with server testing. It is like being a beta tester, except that the penguin isn’t permanent which means there is no point of giving out a free item for them (although there is some talk that they might do it for your normal penguin). They are currently testing their two new servers (currently called test servers 1 and 2) for bugs, and if you find one you need to report it. It is just like normal Club Penguin- except the penguin you need is a clone and it is faster! If you are a member on normal Club Penguin you are one on the test one too- just without all your items! To help the moderators out by testing the new servers, click here and click on the eye scan, then click on the section about server tests.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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  2. hey bodge thought u might want to know that there are job openings for Club Penguin Mods in UK if you go to contact us on the home page then you click the job listings thing it has job listings for UK so maybe thats what CPIP is based on?? hmm idk
    p.s. plz give me credit if you decide to post this!

  3. that’s cool! I heard that BBC (British Broadcasting) had plans to buy Club Penguin! That wud be so cool!

  4. woh! thats cool! how can they buy it if cp isnt for sale?

  5. if them make a high enough offer they can! Disney bought it for $700,000,000! No mistake!

  6. This is a cool site! Check mine out at plz plz plz leave a comment

  7. When Disney Wanted it Sony (the people who make Playstations and stuff) wanted it too they only offered like 250,000 oh Bodge they offered 350,000$ but if they meet there goals (which is i’m guessing 1,000,000 members or something) then it would be 700,000 kaching$ 🙂 so it might be 700,000,000 by the end of the year! also i think someone wanted it in secret maybe it was BBC? But i don’t think there going to buy it just have the UK part of it!
    p.s. i remember going on like google earth and looking up there adress and it said that it couldn’t be found! but most of it around them was open i think there hiding it for some reason! well anyway i’m going to search again for the UK HQ! (once i know where that is 🙂 !

  8. oh and sorry bout that it was actually 700 thousand not million too many zeros my mistake!

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