Party Animal #1

Welcome to my new weekly post for all you party animals out there! This post will feature upcoming igloo parties that anyone can go to! Mostly they will be blog hits parties. This week there are two:
Apengbomber (’s 500 Hits Party, on Friday 21st at 6:00pm PST (or at least that’s what I worked out, he originally said 7:00pm Pacific Coast Time- which is basically California and places like that- I worked it out from Los Angeles) at the Dock on server Husky.
Also there is Club Penguin Trio (’s 3000 Hits Party on Saturday 22nd at 11:00am PST at Californya63’s igloo on the map on server Matterhorn- it will be pirate themed so dress as a pirate!

If you would like your party featured in next week’s edition, just comment on this post and tell me the reason, time, place, server and any extra information and I will put it in!


3 Responses

  1. thnx bodge101

  2. 😆 Party animals 😆

  3. thanks and the links don’t work so ya

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