I’m Going On Holiday

Hi everyone! I’m going on holiday to London for six days! I’m leaving on Tuesday and I’ll be coming back on Sunday. This means, sadly, that I won’t be able to post about the April Fool’s Day Party until then- because I won’t have seen it until then (if I manage to see it at all). I have set several posts on timer and am changing the comment settings so that people who have commented here before will be able to comment without me moderating. I shouldn’t be able to go on too much for the rest of today because of packing and stuff like that.
Until next time…
Waddle on!


7 Responses

  1. nooooo!!!! people come on my site instead lol only joking my site actually sucks

  2. lol dont worry im gonna leave lots of stuff 4 evri1 to do!

  3. cool anywho I just created a cool new website about club penguin! I wud give it 2 u but its site is my real name nd I dunno if i shud coz everyone will see it and know my real name!

  4. why didnt u just fix up ur old site?

  5. is it on wordpress?

  6. no im afraid its not sorry! It is a register.com webste
    ah what the hec have it just dont come looking for me lol http://www.lilyhood.com hope you like it 🙂 but it only has one page cos u have to pay to have more than one

  7. what server does bodge101 go on??

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