Fun Stuff #1

Here are today’s fun things! When my holiday is over, I’ll probably make a page of all of them!

Here’s an optical illusion:
Look closely at the dots in the centre of the picture for 30-60 seconds then tilt your head back. Who do you see?

optical illusion 1

Weird isn’t it? What do you make of this one?


Now for some riddles! Answers next Sunday!

Q. If you feed me I grow but if you give me a drink I die. What am I? 

Q. I can be as big as an elephant but weigh nothing at all. What am I?

I hope you had fun! Tune in tomorrow for more!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



2 Responses

  1. First answer is A fire and for the second one is an shadow! Piece of cake!

  2. OMG the first one is so wierd! It looks like jesus lol!

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