April Fool’s Day Party + Pin + Special Server Test Treat

The April Fool’s Day Party is AWESOME! In my opinion it is the best party yet! All the decorations are wonderful and there are TWO awesome free items:

The free items are the Propeller Cap and the Swirly Glasses.

The Propeller Cap is at the Ski Village:


The Swirly Glasses are at the Cove:


The Crayon Pin is at the Mine Shack- you have to do the dot-to-dot to get it:



Here are some of my favourite room decorations:



Sport Shop:


The Forest:


Also there is a special April Fool’s Day treat ONLY on the test servers:


EVERYONE is a green puffle! It’s awesome! The treat ends on Monday so you’d better see it while you still can! Click here to go to the Club Penguin test servers.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



6 Responses

  1. HEy bodge! Did you have fun on your vacation? I hope you did!


  2. Hi,
    We are having a awesome contest.
    We have a lot of cool prizes for you to win so if you’d like to enter to win big just click the link below
    http://cpmonster.wordpress.com/contest-page/ Remember if you want to enter you got to hurry!
    Hope you enter!

  3. thanks youll b on my roll soon.

  4. Hey! I am soooo mad right now! If you are wondering why because I GOT BANNED!!!!! And it is FOREVR!!! So PLEASE contact clubpenuin and say to unban aussie229! Also say I didn’t do it i got hacked! PLEASE!!!


  5. aussie if u need help i know a kool site they help solve online stuff its isnagents.wordpress.com u should go there and lots of ppl r getting hacked right now

  6. Its closed!

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