<lol! April Fool! Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



6 Responses

  1. Hi Bodge! You’re back! how was your holidays?

  2. v gud! i met the queen! april fool! lol! well i didnt meet the queen but i saw loads of politicians (yawn) lol! sadly i just missed seeing the president of france! 😦

  3. oh never mind! I almost met the Queen once but apparently I was too poorly dressed lol! I met the Quen at Madam Tussauds (U no the wax museum) lol

  4. lol i kno- i went there! we queued for a whole hour and it cost us over a hundred quid!

  5. Omg really? I knew we queued for aaaaages but i never knew it was that expensive! My fave bit was the london ride but when it took the pic i didn’t know he was taking it so i looked stupid lol

  6. i liked taht bit too- except i realised at the last moment and began to smile for the camera and it took it half way between a normal smile and a cheesy grin and it looked quite gud really lol! did u buy ur pictures? TOO EXPENSIVE! lol! well actually we didnt look at the price- but come on!

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