Updates Delayed

I’m sorry to say that the normal weekly updates for Sunday (the music charts and the contest) will have to be delayed until next Sunday- otherwise the contest would be shorter and everyone would have less time to enter! So I’m afraid that the current ‘Weekly Contest’ will have to be a ‘Two Week Contest’ lol! Also the riddles answer post will also be delayed because the site I got the mental puzzles from has crashed and I can’t access the answers! Hopefully everything will be back to normal next week! In other news, I have written another short story: ‘The Job Search Continues.’ And finally, be on the look out for some big new updates during the week!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Bodge in the word hstrial for my website u spelled it wrong its the i before the a not a before i. So can u fix though so it will be a proper link to my site.

  2. hey bodge save ur pictures as a png for best quality and picture

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