Party Animal #2

Welcome to another issue of Party Animal! The weekly post that tells you what parties are on, what they’re celebrating and when and where they are!

Aussie229’s 1000 Hits Party & Jackybob’s 25000 Hits Party
This is a shared party between Aussie229 and Jackybob. It is at 2:30pm PST today on server Matterhorn at the Dock. Mimo777 might be there!

My 15,000 Hits Party
This is THE place to be on Sunday- my 15,000 Hits Party! It’s gonna be awesome! The invitation’s working now so here it is:


In case you can’t read it it says:

15,000 Hits Party

When: 10:30am PST (Penguin Standard Time.

Why: 15,000 hits- duh!

Where: Bodge101’s igloo, Matterhorn server (America)

Who: Anyone can come!

The party will have a costume contest for the person with the most random costume!

Check these parties out- they’re gonna be good- real good!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



9 Responses

  1. im having a party too. i guess ill just put it on matterhorn. 1230 cp time at matterhorn and its gonna be the biggest costume contest. winner gets a whole post about their blog roll. please can u put that up it’s gonna be awesome.

  2. bodge-
    sorry! it might not be tommorow but that is how we planned it! will be in touch,

  3. can the cp trio share the party with me.

  4. source I don’t know were not really ready we haven’t talked about it and stuff we haven’t even made an invite! I don’t know what to do!!! anyway bodge do you like the new dashboard theme? I got so used to the old one that when went in I’m like WO! I cussed in my head for goodness sake! anyway I am just like stunned they didn’t give us ANY warning about this It just happened! anyway seeya

  5. oh ya and almost forgot you should start using the invites from now on like you could ask to use there invitations (you can always use ours for this column if you wan to!)

  6. i was totally confused by the new dashboard theme! i dont know my way around it as well as the old one!

  7. hi i addeed you to my blogroll so can you add me to yours plz heres my site

  8. ill come to your party and its 2 hours before mine so ill come in like the middle of the party.

  9. Bodge, im adding books to my website this april. i need 3 books. i already have one and i need 2 more. would u like to write a book for my site. theres something that says email me and u can send a book idea there. waddle on.

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