My 15,000 Hits Party was AWESOME! Loads of people came- my igloo was mega-crowded! I’ll show you the pics tomorrow in my usual pics slideshow! Sadly the party was cut short because I had to go and we missed out on the sledding and the after party at Californya63’s igloo! But the party was still REALLY fun! We had dancing, cake, snowball fights and hockey, and- of course- the costume contest! I’ll reveal the winner tomorrow!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. hey Bodge101 it was a blast. i was there, remember
    and visit my site at thanks man


    ~James1579- Viper1579~

  2. Hey Bodge, The Admirals (the band oatman and jayman are in) are going to make music viedos. if u maek viedos and want to applie tell me so in my guest book.

  3. guest book???? anyway looks like you might be having another party this weekend look at ur hits! congrats on the awesome party next time i agreed with Rachel K 48 that she’ll come so i won’t be at ur next p;arty but my sis will we decided to switch off so seeya later

  4. Alright we’ll need to meet on cp and figure out where to sing the songs, the words will show up but there is no music really so it will just be words. i dont know how people do it i think someone says something they catch it on tape and then move onto the next scene. we’ll c and hopefully have fun doing it.

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