Reward For Server Testers

Guess what? The Club Penguin team are presenting a gift to all the people who helped them test the servers! This wasn’t announced before because they wanted people to test the servers for the right reasons. Sadly, we won’t get the gift immediately because they are going to use one of the ‘new features’ on Club Penguin to deliver it to us! Could this mean some sort of mail service inside Club Penguin? Could April’s new room be ‘The Post Office?’ We’ll just have to wait and see!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



9 Responses

  1. who? other than Coolieperson.

  2. well sonic can make vids too

  3. ill ask her and tell u what the reponse is. (bet its gonna be a big fat no)

  4. i asked we’ll see what happens and how i get a picture on my thing for leaving a comment?

  5. Source I’ll tell you how heres how: first take a picture of ur penguin (or whatever you want the picture to be) by pressing a button thats probably at the top of the keyboard that says print screen and under it SysRq then paste it into Powerpoint and right click on it (after you crop it) and then it shoukld have a list of stuff click the one that says save as picture then name it and save it (if you have any problems you may want to ask like ur parents or something) and then go to ur dashboard then ur profile and it says on the right Upload picture or something like that! and now crop it (again 🙄 ) and then save it and it should change! hope that helps if you have any questions just ask on CPTrio seeya later

  6. Hey Sweet site!
    You can visit mine sometime!
    Comment back!

    Keep the cool !

    ps: Cant wait to see what the special gift is…
    I hope it is a rare item!

  7. hey the source!
    first u hav to be a member of wordpress! also if u dont hav powerpoint use word and paste it into paint then save!

  8. hi I am sorry i havent commented for so long my internet was down but its back up now! se you soon!

  9. hey bodge check out my sight

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