Club Penguin Upgrade Exact Date + More Information

The new servers that we tested will replace Club Penguin’s older servers on 14th April. Don’t worry, there aren’t just going to be six servers! Lol! There’s going to be the same amount (probably- there might be more) with the same names. Unfortunately, Club Penguin’s going to be entirely shut down from 12:00am (Midnight) and 3pm (Penguin Standard Time). For me this means no Club Penguin for the whole day- but for some of you you will be able to go on despite the downtime. The new servers will be faster and more efficient, and some new features might be coming with them… Stay tuned!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


11 Responses

  1. Lol Heres how I think of it they purposely did it at that time so you souldn’t go on 😛 haha lol (sorry if thats offending) 😛 haha seeya

  2. I was going on cp then i seen it was getting upgraded hope theres better things so then i can put them on my webpage lolz if u see me say hey
    Stay Kool Wicks

  3. is that what time it will be in the UK when it happens??

  4. i wish that they could do all the servers some other time like when we are at school, so we dont have to suffer any ways it makes me sad and happy to be off and on CP =-0 oh and by the way madmoney09 Dozer24309 Jinks and Rockydoo are the best!!!!!=-!

  5. yea i went to club penguin and there upgrading i think just the servers and thats gunna be kool but the maps neverchange. it would be cool if it were 3d lol…..

  6. wot time duz it open uk time ?

  7. i cant wait til the new vesion of club penguin will be upgraded.

  8. I rokon its gnna be cool (hope the electric guitar comes back with it !) lol!Anyway lik dozer said i soooooooooo wish they done it wen we wer at school bcause wen we got home we wouldnt have to ho with out it!! But if its not done by th time i finished my tea(wich ot wasnt)then thats the end of my time on it till 2morra cya!!

  9. wat time does it open in Canada time?

  10. i love club boohoo

  11. 3 o’clock Penguin Standard Time is way past your bedtime in the UK. Go to sleep. (It’s 4 PST now, and the servers are still down, anyway.) zzzzZZZZZZzzz

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