15000 Hits Party Costume Contest Winners

There were a lot of entries into the costume contest at my 15000 Hits Party, as you’ll see from the pictures slideshow due to come out sometime tomorrow. These are the winners:
1st place- James 1579 and Californya63!

2nd place- Jayman5000, Megs78 and Volcomsk8er!

Well done to all those winning entries!
Until next time…
Waddle on!
P.S. All the people who entered the party’s costume contest have been entered into this week’s ‘Weekly Contest.’


7 Responses

  1. Awesome. i rocked the igloo. oatman did good too i thought. anyway check out my part site at http://hstrial-jcapozzola.homestead.com The Source offically runs it but Oatman and i help him.

  2. cool! Bodge sorry i didnt come. I was at my baseball game. sorry

  3. hey bodge if you ever have somments from billybobland or anyone advertising a site called CP Mac plz spam them they’re the same person they have like 50 accounts and his first he advertised SOOOOO much it got so annoying so plz spam him!
    p.s. DOWN WITH CPMAC!!

  4. your site rocks dude thanks for the comment also!!!

  5. um cpmac just commented and he is annoying. i suggest him just to be regular and not expect fame rigth away.

  6. hey did cali ever pick her prize? If she hasnt she will tommorow I’ll hazve to tell her she won!

  7. Hey bodge i know why chinse takout is an admin aussies an admin on chinse’s site! Now I get it
    well seeya

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