Quest For The Golden Puffle Begins

The new stage production came out yesterday. It is Indiana Jones style and is called ‘The Quest For The Golden Puffle.’ Here’s a picture:

 There are loads of cool new clothes and the return of the lasso (they’ve returned quite a lot of old items this month). The new clothes include full Pharaoh getup, two Indiana Jones style explorer outfits and a mummy suit! Here’s my pictures of the new clothes:

Also there is a new switchbox, here’s my usual guide- look to the corresponding numbers for the descriptions:

1. Opens crocodiles’ mouths.

2. Fires snowballs from wall- even if no-one is stood there.

3. The smaller bridge breaks.

4. Sphinx’s mouth falls off.

5. Larger bridge breaks.

6. Penguin comes down the back in a cart.

7. Opens coffin.

8. Turns Golden puffle into sleeping yellow puffle.

Also, there are two sensor pads- one fires snowballs from the wall and one releases a rolling boulder.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. What are the explorer’s names again?

  2. Huh theres no pount i wasnt a member then and its past!?!?

  3. cool i wanted to know where to get the gold bracelets thx that helped alot! 🙂

  4. omg omg ommmmmmmmmg!!friggin awesome glitch!copy and paste this 5 times on different posts and you will get membership for life and 1 million coins!!!

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