I Am Not Alone

Well, I just found out that I’m not the only one who’s lost all their items on their player card- in fact there are lots of us! If you see a dark blue penguin wearing nothing then chances are that person is victim of the same terrible bug. I went round a few rooms on Belly Slide server and I spotted no fewer than THREE of us! I’ve contacted the mods THREE times (my english teacher said repeating stuff three times helped people remember stuff lol)- once as ‘General Support’ and twice as ‘Report A Bug.’ Now I know there are more of us I am sure Club Penguin will be fixing it- so I’m a lot more cheerful again now!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



6 Responses

  1. that happenned 2 me but i just lost my colors

  2. yeah same. i lost my brown color. clothing items, not that i know of.

  3. i only lost my red color


  5. Mario9286 is my club Penguin name
    During the recent server upgrades at club Penguin
    I lost my Dark blue color and when I buy it back its gone next time I log on but that don’t bother me as much as losing a lot of furniture and items
    All my items in storage were reduced to 1 of each.
    Where I had 2 TVs there is 1 and 32 chairs there is 1 etc.
    The only multiple things I have left are in my igloo.
    It took me many hours of playing games to win money to buy things and they’re all gone
    There is a lot of things missing and its not fare
    I am very sad and angry that all my things can disappear like that.
    I’m afraid to buy any thing else it is going to disappear
    I sent a report to the bug dept and they still never answered me
    Please if anyone finds out anything about getting our stuff back post it.
    What’s the use in even playing anymore?

  6. Some clothes disappeared from my inventory, some costumes and wigs. Why??? What can we do to recover them? Any help??? Thank you!!! =0S
    Bodge101: Email Club Penguin support.

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