Upcoming Mission Sneak Peek

Here’s another sneak peek of the upcoming mission. You have to have completed the previous two to do it- so make sure you have! The finishing touches are just being added so it should be coming out very soon! Apparently, there are going to be some new rooms that have never before been featured in a mission. Here’s another picture of the concept art:

It sure looks good!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


5 Responses

  1. remember to come to me and Tony’s party.Well i can explain it now.

    Where:Werkt1 igloo

    When:April 19


    Time:9am PST(penguin standard time)

    Why:me and Tony’s hits party.(me 2000,3000 and 4000 hits)(Tony 1000 and 2000 hits)

    Who is invited:every one

    Also if u dont find us in werkt1 igloo we will be playing too hockey game,sled race,find four and hide and seek(we wont add anyone we will add you when u will find us) .So remember that.

  2. where having a party!!!

    why?10,000 awesome hits!!!!!!

    when:april20th 7:30p.m.

    whos envited:everyone!!!


    how awsome is it going to be?awsomely awsome!!!

    hope u can come!!!!


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  3. hry bodge this is me! Cali, um I REALLY want to see you club pengui some time soon, i haven’t seen you in a while. If you want to meet me on cp comment on the current post and tell me when and where and stuff, cuz in british land you’re like WAY ahed of PST so yeah. I haven’t seen you commenting on our site in a while. I go to your site almost every other day. BTW I e-mailed cp and i said ” dear cp team, my fried bodge101’s iteems have all ben deleted, can you please help him?” They haven’t responded yet. Well bye!!! 😆
    Cali fades away…..


  4. im having a party at frozen 1100 cp time am today please come at the dock

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