Snow Forts Clock Broken- Time Gone Haywire!

orderThe clock at the Snow Forts is broken! I guessed this would happen with the emphasis Herbert P. Bear put on ‘time’ in the phone call G put in the letter. The mission is obviously going to be all about fixing the clock and finding out how and why he broke it and to stop the rest of his evil scheme! The broken clock is now unsure what time or date it is- and is having a bad effect on time across the island! Here’s a picture:

Lol! It’s 67,000,000 years in the past! Also there is a notice on the thing that explains the time differences:

More on this story as it develops!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. go to my party later today at 1100 am cp time at the frozen dock. and im back from vacation

  2. Hey bodge its cali, I was trying to tell you that my father was a great cycleist in Europe. I am part french. Also I was TRYING to ask how old you are. stupid cp
    Well comment on our site if you want to meet angain on cp next Sunday. Thanks! You’re awesome!
    Cali fades away…

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