25,000 Hits Party Soon

As most of you have probably noticed, my site has now passed the milestone of 25,000 hits! So we’re going to have a party! It will probably be next Sunday at 10:30am PST starting at my igloo. It will definately be pirate themed- because this weekend is Rockhopper’s party! I hope you can all come! The invitation will come very soon- when the details are more verified!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


13 Responses

  1. je parles le francais un petit peu.
    But my dad used to live in France Switzerland and a ton of other places i don’t know of but he is very fluent when speaking the french language. So yes I am part french. Again if you want to meet on cp this sunday and comment on the current post for all the info. and BTW i never would have thought you were thirteen.
    so yep the trio is all eleven. Thanks! comment hope to see you soon.!
    Cali fades away…

  2. hey i was going to have my party an hour after yours but we can just share it i guess

  3. i only became 13 about three months ago- so i hink i might be less than a year older than u!

  4. im becoming 13 in like 3 or 4 months. anyway go to http://luigi54.wordpress.com and ask him to put u on his blog roll. but first put him on your blog roll.

  5. I am 15! Na only joking Oldgreggmate is tho. I am 12; 13 in October. So does that mean you are in year 8?

  6. yup im a year 8! Kimi is too! i assume ure age means ure a year seven?

  7. lol if anyone’s wondering cali said ‘I speak french a little bit!’

  8. hey the source- i think u shud hav ures an hour later than me- or i might cahnge mine to saturday. wot do u think?

  9. im eh 63 get off my lawn you old wippersnapper JK no i’m 11! (you probabaly know that cuz i had my party and stuff…

  10. Yep I am in year 7. 😉

  11. Bodge I cant go to the party anymore 😦 I didnt book tickets 😦 😦 😦 😦

  12. aww! poor u! i didnt even kno u had to book tickets until they said they were sold out!

  13. same but I’m still going to London Zoo, just not the party area, so if I catch a glimpse of it I’ll take a photo

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