Seasonal Businesses Starting Soon

Soon we (me and Kimi 07) will be starting new seasonal businesses throughout the year! This basically means there will be a different businesses (like Bodge Manor) at my igloo each season! This is mainly because of the igloo design changes throughout the year. In some seasons we might have several in a season- and Kimi’s Korner will run all year round (see my ‘Kimi’s Korner’ page)- alternating between weeks of the seasonal businesses at my igloo! This may sound complex- I used a lot of complicated words there- but I hope you understand what I mean! Anyway, here’s the rota for next month will probably be:

May 12th- 14th(Monday to Wednesday- second week in May)- Kimi’s Korner: 10:30am PST
May 19th- 21st (Monday to Wednesday- third week in May)- Bodge Gardens (new- page up soon): 10:30am PST
May 26th-28th (Monday to Wednesday- fourth week in May)- Kimi’s Korner: 10:30am PST

If there are any changes of plan on dates or times, I’ll notify you! When it is exactly decided I will make a page about it! We might include a weekend one too- we don’t know!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


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