Club Penguin Hockey League Starting Soon

Ever wanted an organised, well refereed, hockey game on Club Penguin? Well me and Kimi 07 are going to organise a hockey league! Anyone can form their own team, or join another, and each team has to have at least five players. My team will be called ‘Bodge’s Badgers!’ If you would like to join the league, assemble a team, and comment below! Hopefully we’ll have at least three teams in the league! This will just be for fun and we won’t be playing for a prize- just for the entertainment! If we get a lot of teams joining, we might have several leagues! Tune in for more info very soon! Comment below to join my team! I’ll be putting a page up soon!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


8 Responses

  1. Iv already put up a page! dont forget that you need a blog to make tour own team and that *MY* team is “Kimi’s Katz”

  2. i would like to make a team

  3. I would love to join Bodge’s Badgers!

  4. I’ll join one.

  5. ill play in goal for any team

  6. I would like to make a team called Yeti Wolves,the only requirment is to at least have the color black or have black clothing. (Pink too)

  7. ill play goalie for any team

  8. I have 51 stamps so I can help u

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