New Club Penguin Times

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times came out today! It is issue #132. The main stories are ‘Rockhopper’s Grand Return,’ where there is a letter from Rockhopper, saying that he will be opening up his Quarters on Monday as a treat; ‘Rockhopper Recaps Journey,’ where Rockhopper describes his journey since he left Club Penguin island on his rowing boat and ‘Public Service Announcement,’ which is a report from ‘Rookie’ of the PSA saying that the agency have fixed the clock tower. Also, this year’s annual writing competition will start next week. The best entries get picked to go in a book for the whole island to see! As well as all that, there is an invitation the Rockhopper & Yarr’s arrival party:

Along with that, there is an advertisement for  new Baseball gear coming out tomorrow in a new catalogue! Finally, there are the usual Aunt Arctic questions, riddles, jokes, poems, tips and secrets, this week’s chosen articles, In Focus (Mountain and Ski Village this week) and a shuffle puzzle. Here is the list of events in the coming weeks:

Click here to read the whole paper without logging into Club Penguin.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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