Penguin Standard Time Has Changed?????

This is so confusing! First there was that time change in america a few months back and everyone went to my party an hour early: and now this! The new Penguin Standard Time corresponds exactly with my time- so Club Penguin is turning even more British (yey!)! I even heard rumours that the BBC (British BroadCasting) were going to buy it (although I doubt they would have gone to all that trouble of that disney stuff if they had)! Anyway, in my previous post, the one about my party tomorrow, I was using old PST, so it is 6:30pm in new PST (or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time(often called UMT(Universal Mean Time))) as it is technically known as (lol a lot of brackets!))! To help you work out the time differences (if you need help), the new PST is eight hours ahead of the old PST!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


11 Responses

  1. Bodge I’m sorry, I really want to see you on cp some time so if you get this you can comment on the current post, i do have a soccer game tomarow ( foot ball in british land) So if you could PRETTY PLEASE plan on meeting me on cp some time. I also hope you got the other coment i left on your site the other day how i speack some french and yadayadayada so yeah. And woah, i never would have thought you were thirteen, i’m like eleven i thought you were too. Also, me and my friends ( not cp trio ) are doing some thing about britin and we MIGHT write a book. We all think that britin is way swwet and you guyz out there talk with the sweetest acsents ever. sorry this is really long. Also, next year or some thing my dad might take me to europe because he wants me to see every thing and stuff. so yeah. COMMENT!!! GO BRITS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cali fades away…

  2. yup i got ure last comment! and u kno the thing about accents- we brits speak in different accents depending on where in britain we live! like interiordes’s accent would probably be completely different to mine cos she lives somewhere near london and i live in yorkshire

  3. yeah and it depends on who your around too I have always thought I have spoken quite posh but my sister speaks like a complete and chav because she has spent 3 years boarding with them.

  4. ure siister went to boarding school?????

  5. Correction- is still going to boarding school! Well it is optional to board you could be a day girl.

  6. do u go to boarding school? is it an all girls school?

  7. its at my time yay
    ps i am from cyprus

  8. yes I do go to boarding school but I dont board and no anyone can come.

  9. Im 13 too!


  11. ee by gum. it fair caps out why folks want too eat goodies in choch. Some yorkshire dialect for u! (i dont speak like that but my grandma does!) It means: good heavens! I cannot understand why people want to eat sweets (candy) in church!

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