Great Party!

My 25,000 Hits and The Source’s 3000 Hits Party was great! We danced and we ate cake and we had fun! Sadly, The Source had to leave before the party had really begun- and I was five minutes late! Sorry about that! After that I had to decorate my igloo which took another five minutes so the party properly started ten minutes late. Sorry about that and thankyou for you patience if you came! After partying for half an hour, a thunderstorm kicked in where we live and I had to go off the internet- so sorry about that too! The party would have gone on for quite a while longer if that hadn’t happened: we still had to play hockey, sled and play find-four!

In other news I won’t be able to post the contest results until tomorrow because I didn’t have time because I was busy during the day and couldn’t go on later because of the storm! So ya- it’s all the weather’s fault!     :angry:

Until next time…

Waddle on!



One Response

  1. sorry cali didn’t come She was playing soccer (in british its football i think) and I gave her the wrong info and told her that it was an hour later than it really was becuz of the time thing so sorry

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