Mission Guide: Mission 7- Clockwork Repairs

Welcome to my mission guide for Mission 7- Clockwork Repairs- the new mission. Here is a video guide:

Thanks to cpcabluey for the video!
Here is my written guide:
1. Talk to G.
2. Watch Snow Forts footage (note the spring flying off towards the Iceberg).
3. Go to the inventions cabinet, click on it, and type in the word ‘key’ in code to unlock it.
4. Take out the magnet.
5. Enter the gadget room and pick up the life ring.
6. Go to the Iceberg and click on the frozen spring with the magnet.
7. When you have the spring, put it into your inventory.
8. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguins. Ask them for the target.
9. They will challenge you to hit the target three times. Accept the challenge.
How to play the game:
Hold down your mouse button until the power bar has enough power (full often works best), then aim your mouse at the target and click. If it is one of the later two it works better to aim slightly ahead of the target, because it is moving faster. When you win, they will give you the target.
10. Give them the life ring as a replacement target.
11. Go to the beach and pick up the bucket.
12. Go to the Snow Forts and fill the bucket with snow by clicking on the snow with it.
13. Go to the Town and ask Rookie for the poster wit hthe picture of the gear on.
14. Go to the Pizza Parlour and pick up the sheet music next to the piano.
15. Go to the stage and play the piano, clicking the keys that correspond to the colours on the sheet music. This will attract the yellow puffle.
16. Give it the poster and the bucketful of snow. It will make a new gear.
17. Go to the Gadget Room, then to the Test Chamber.
18. Put the gear onto the conveyer belt and pull the lever.
19. Press the snowflake button to freeze the gear. Pull the lever again to take it out.
20. Put the spring onto the conveyer belt. Pull the lever.
21. This time, click the fire button the melt the ice. Pull the lever again.
22. Go to the Snow Forts and put all the stuff in it’s correct place.

23. Talk to G to conclude the mission.
24. Collect your medal and gift.
25. Say ‘Yey!!!!!’ and run around like a headless chicken!

I hope this helped!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


4 Responses

  1. Is THAT hypercam?

  2. for the safety of the guests we changed battle server. everyone got that except wreckhopper and he attacked your house my sources say. also i dont trust nice reddy for some reason. i think he may be a spy.

  3. i hate the snowball game i have tried it for two years got any tips??

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