New Newspaper? Not Today

I don’t get this: for as long as I can remember- Club Penguin have released the new issues of the Club Penguin Times at the right time. But this week, something has happened and now we are getting an issue from several weeks ago! Issue #130! I don’t know what happened but something obviously went wrong! If you go to the newspaper archive it has them as if the past few weeks had never happened! No doubt Club Penguin will fix this soon but for now we’ll have to do with no new paper- and that means no new writing contest!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


7 Responses

  1. Yep. Its not out.
    Comment back dude.


  2. uh-oh!

  3. ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!IT SHOULD BE OUT KNOW!I POSTED MY QUESTION AND I WANT THE ANSWER AND CMON I NEED TO SEE THE NEW ONE BEFORE I EXPLODE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;(;(

  4. yeah this happened to me. first it was the new may 1st newspaper but when i went back on it was april 10th

  5. P.S and one question the no.131 and lots of newspaper was missed out me and my bud was freaking out crazy!

  6. I was also confused about this. I had a great story planned out for the contest. Oh well.

  7. how to find the rockhopper and when they goan?

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