Cool New Clothes & Wigs

The new clothing and wigs catalogues are so cool! There is medieval fashion (including a blacksmith’s apron and dragon costume) and three brand new wigs! I will post the full story with pictures later today or tomorrow- I’m always really busy on Fridays!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. Cool site!
    Go to mine and tell me what you think.
    Maybe add me to your blogroll and I might add you for a while 😉


  2. Bodge are u coming to CPT’S ( club penguin trio’s ) 10,000 hits party? go to to find out when it is. hope to see, you there! ,and again i told u this like three times in all my curren coments, but comment on the current post if you would like to meet on cp some time! I’m alwways open on sundays. I guss u don’ t want to meet and american 😦
    cali sadly fades away…

  3. cool please enter the contest at my site

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