April Wrap-Up

I’m going to start doing wrap-ups at the end of every month! A wrap-up is basically a post where you announce the stats of that month! Anyway, here is last month’s wrap-up!

April was a good month for my blog- my fifth month all together!

11,324 hits just in April.

New best day ever (Monday, April 14th) with 1,380 hits in one day!

Most popular post/page: Club Penguin Music Charts (for something like the third month running (since I made it))

556 approved comments just last month

Top searches: ‘Club Penguin Tips’, ‘clockwork repairs’ and ‘Club Penguin ninjas.’

72 posts- that’s 28 more than last month!

Well, that’s a wrap for last month’s wrap-up!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


6 Responses

  1. I am having a 25,000 hits party! Go to http://purpalooloo.wordpress.com/ to find the information! Hope I see you there.


  2. hey can you add me to your blogroll its

  3. Hi there im having an mini contest going on
    Join today

  4. 560 comments is a lot…..

  5. Hey, that was red’s idea!

  6. lol i kno it was reds idea but he got it from wordpress so technically it was their idea!

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