New Catalogues

New clothing and wigs catalogues came out on Friday- bringing with them a range of brand new fashions! Firstly, there is the medieval fashion- which has become immediately popular- all the new stuff in the clothing catalogue was medieval! This included a brand new apron: the blacksmith’s apron! Here are some pictures:


Those new clothes sure are cool! Here are the secret items- there are a lot!

Click on the dragon’s arm to get the crystal staff:

You can find the woodman’s hat (kinda like a Peter Pan one) by clicking on the Emerald Hat:

The Cheesy Tie can be found by clicking on the collar of the Casual Suit Jacket:

The Red Viking Helmet can be found by clicking on the Bunny’s bowtie:

Open the Red Viking Helmet four times to find the Blue Viking Helmet:

And, finally, to get the Green Snorkel, click on the eyes of the penguin wearing the Admiral’s Jacket:

Whew! That’s a lot of secret items! Bu this post ain’t over yet… No siree! Brace yourself for the new wigs whoooo!
All the new wigs are basically copies of the others (although they are quite good) here they are:

To get the Spikette you have to click on the Spikester:

Well, that’s about it for this extremely long, extremely late post!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


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