Improved Inventory- Coming Soon

The moderators on the CPIP blog have announced that they are going to improve the inventory on our player cards! I assume this means they’re going to do the same as with the igloo inventory: re-order it into categories. This was quite effective for the igloos: but it just divided the stuff into four hard-to-sort sections, instead of one. Along with it was the supremely annoying glitch, which stopped people accessing their igloos! But anyway, I don’t think a player card glitch would be so major (unless people lose their items again- that really was terrible). I think the maximum bug for it would probably be we couldn’t access our player cards- but I might be wrong- we’ll just have to wait and see! Anyway, I think the player card sorting is a good idea, because I always find it hard to find specific items fast because I have so many clothes!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


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