My Writing Contest Entry

Did you enter the last week’s writing contest? I sure did! I entered in the ‘best party surprise ever’ category- supposedly the category the least people entered in! Anyway, here is my entry- I think it’s pretty good! Tell me what you think! Anyway, enjoy:

The Club Penguin Carol

Bodge101 didn’t like parties. In fact he hated them. He hated the balloons, the decorations, the free items.
“Bah, humbug!” he cried as he watched penguins walk by the window of his igloo, screeching with laughter and enjoying the parties, “I hate parties, I do!”

Some pitied him, but most just scorned him, saying that he was a party crasher, and a spoilsport! Bodge scarcely ever left his igloo; only to collect free items or buy from a catalog.

One day, Kimi 07, one of his few, party-loving friends, decided to throw him a party he wouldn’t soon forget and was bound to enjoy!

Kimi organised balloons, fireworks, food, and free items in their thousands for this extra special party- which would be the biggest party ever in Club Penguin! It was going to be epic! The Club Penguin band were hired to sing some of their best singles, and Rockhopper himself was given an invitation! Everything was going to be fantastic.

A week later, Kimi knocked on Bodge’s igloo door. He was bursting with excitement as Bodge opened the door.
“What is it?” growled Bodge.
“SURPRISE!” everyone screamed and jumped out of their hiding places. Bodge couldn’t speak- he was so shocked! His eyes widened as he took in the fireworks flying in the sky overhead, and exploding in colourful showers of sparks! Slowly, a grin spread across his face.
“Come on,” cried Kimi, “I’ll show you around!”

Kimi lead him around the island. Everywhere was draped with orange and black (his favorite colors). He passed crowds and crowds of penguins he hardly knew: and thousands that he didn’t know at all. Everyone was cheering. Bodge was amazed.

Rockhopper came up to him and started shaking his hand enthusiastically. But the best surprise came for him at the Cove! There he saw the Club Penguin Band, jamming away on their instruments- playing one of his favorite songs.
“Want to join us?” asked Franky. Bodge, too shocked to speak, clambered up onto the temporary stage constructed next to the surf hut. He got out his guitar and started to play.

Bodge rocked away with the band all night! He forgot all his previous misgivings about parties and enjoyed himself more than he ever had in his life!

After the party was over, Kimi asked, “What did you think of the party?”
“It was the best party surprise ever!” he replied, beaming.

Just so you know, I’ve always loved parties! But anyway it made a good theme!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

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  2. Bodge! I made one too about my puffle Rockhopper Jr. (I don’t really have one named that) Found Rockhopper Island! Hope you make the contest!

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