New Pin

A new pin came out today! It is the goblet pin and can be found at the Coffee Shop! You have to move your mouse over the lamp it’s on so it can fall down. Here’s a picture:



It’s quite a cool pin really- it goes with the medieval theme!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


4 Responses

  1. Thx I added you : D

  2. hey bodge i saw your comment. look at my site for my answer and 2 things i promise. first i promsie ill eventually befamous and 2 i hope to be nice and not get obessed. I hope cp trio, you, and evryone else stays nice. i think coolieperson isnt all that nice and shes becoming famous if she knows it or not.

  3. I agree with that. Once I left a comment on the site in between her talking with friends and she just completely ignored my comment and carried on talking. I bet if I left another one she would ignore it too!

  4. i think coolies quite nice really- except that she never comments o my site anymore!!!!

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