One Year Of Club Penguin… The Bodge101 Story

As I promised, I’m going to do a quick autobiography of my penguin- because it is my penguin’s first birthday today! 365 days of Club Penguin! It sure doesn’t seem that long!

Anyway, I started on Club Penguin on 15th May 2007- but back then I couldn’t go on much! My internet was rubbish and slow because we didn’t have broadband and Club Penguin took forever to load! It wasn’t until a fair few months later that we got broadband- so I had to be patient with my computer’s slowness!

My first party was the Summer Party (parties didn’t happen every month back then)- where I got half of my favourite costume (it was a non-member one- I wasn’t a member back then!)! The items I got were the Hawaiian Lei and the Green Sunglasses (now the rarest sunglasses- but for how much longer?)- these two were part of the costume- and the Ice Cream Apron. Sadly I missed the flowery head item! Lol!

My next party was the Water Party (I won’t mention all the parties- just the significant ones!). There I completed my favourite non-member costume! Here’s a picture of it below:

Ok, I’m gonna go a bit faster now- this is getting a bit long winded!

During my penguin’s life so far, I have met Rockhopper two times- one time he gave me the eyepatch (which he used to give away if you met him until he gave it away as a regular free item (I was angry about that!))- the other I almost got the background but I arrived while he was leaving! I caught his last few words but then he went!    😦     😦

I became a member on 27th December 2007- the exchange rates were good (I won’t bother boring you with that now) so it only cost me £15! What a bargain! I had started this site five days prior to this (on 22nd) and this was (surpisingly) around the time of the Christmas Party 2007! Man, that was a good party!

Well that’s about it! well, I missed a lot out- but even so this hasn’t been a quick autobiography has it? Lol! Look out for more info on my party very soon!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



7 Responses

  1. Ahh happy birthday bodge! I joined to be a member about the same time as you and I joined when Rockhopper was giving out the winged headdress so I got the pirate girl dress. Anyway I will tell when it is my birthday (In about 100 days time lol!)
    Bye!!!! Happy birthday!!!

  2. Happy B-Day Bodge!

    Waddle off! 😉

  3. happy b-day! oh and i got my membership 10 days B4 u! 🙂 lol JK
    p.s. I thought you were 13 not 1! lol

  4. I got my membership before the fall fair

  5. Hey i have a penguin called big girl789 can u meet me on some day?! if u can meet me on husky at 6:00 tomarrow plz or well coment me and tell me ur penguin name k? well cya!

  6. quick atuo biography?!

  7. […] This was my penguin’s 1st birthday. I celebrated with a party (three weeks later) and a penguin autobiography you can read here. […]

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