Medieval Party (Including Free Item and Party Room)

Well, the Medieval Party is here at last! And those decorations don’t disappoint! They’re everything we expected and more! When I went on I was surprised to find a secret party room- which, I believe, has featured in a party before (Fall Fair maybe? I can’t remember- but I’m sure I remember it (as in the room- not which party it was lol!)!). Here’s a picture of it decked out in Medieval fashion:

The free item is the Squire’s Tunic, which is at the Dock: they seem to be giving a lot of body items away- wonder why?

Also, here are some pictures of some of my favourite decorations in the whole party (including the mine, where the dragon is with it’s switchbox.

These decorations sure are cool! I’m loving this party!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. im sad. my buddy frosty1297 quit club penguin. lot which means lots of tears.

  2. please visit
    Its new and comment too!?

  3. Pretty cool.

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