Medieval Party Funny Pics

Ok, well, I made some funny pics with the Medieval Party- I’ll probably do it for every party now- I enjoyed it! I made quite a few and I think they’re pretty funny, here they are (with captions- of course! (Click on the pictures to enlarge)):

Aaaaaahhh! Hot hot hot! Bad dragon!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, will I become famous?

Who made all this mess?

Who’d like a tour?

All I did was nick a slice of pizza!

It’s gonna eat me!

I’m rich!

I hope you enjoyed them! They’ll go on the ‘Funny Pics’ page when the party is over!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


10 Responses


  2. Ha these are funny lol I like the ‘all I did was nick a slice of pizza’ it was funny!

  3. hey bodge i had to change the party from 915 am cp time to 1030 am cp time. sorry please tell that to my other viewers.

  4. awesome pics man. rdo u remember me? well my sight is

    it only has 14,700 hits though but there is a contest going on!

  5. hey bodge at this second (8:01 PST) I’m at the mammoth dock with aussie wanna come on??? PLZZZZZZZZZZ do

  6. just found the funniest website! It used to be club penguin. Here it is: he he

  7. hi bodge its chinsetakout…. i was just wondering if you wanted me to make you a banner. it would be like a pic of your penguin or something then underneath the pic would be a text box with a code people can copy onto their site. Then when people click it … it will take them to your site. If you want me to comment me on 🙂

    also all i charge is that you put my banner on your site

  8. Dear Bodge Wreckhopper killed the source. sorry to tell you that. its shocking but i killed wreckhopper

  9. i lived. barekly

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